Presidential is the style statement that delivers individual Africa richness.

Its fine fabrics tell the story of a diverse and magnificent continent.

Presidential luxury for men of influence.

African Richness – Presidential Queen


Presidential Shirt

Presidential Shirt, supplier of the Madiba Shirt. Contemporary and traditional designs combine African craftsmanship with Presidential luxury to present a collection of exquisitely crafted garments – notable for their quality and attention to detail.


Presidential Queen

Presidential Queen – Africa Haute Couture complimented with Ready to Wear designs for women of the world.




Madiba Shirt

The iconic shirt, an ode to our First President and iconic statesman, Nelson Mandela. Presidential was honored to have supplied many of the Madiba shirts to President Mandela.



Presidential Africa

Ubuntu. You and me both. Our common humanity, we all came from Africa. Supporting local craftsmanship.


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